4 Reasons to Call for Toilet Unclogging in Baltimore, MD

Your home’s toilet is one of its most frequently used fixtures. A clogged toilet will quickly lead to frustration (and a messy cleanup). Understanding the reasons for a clog will help prevent future problems and reduce the need for toilet unclogging in Baltimore MD. Look for these five common culprits.

Low-Flow Toilets

Today’s commodes use a range of low-flow technologies intended to save water. The earliest low-flow toilets may not have enough pressure to clear the drain and internal trap, meaning that they’re more likely to develop clogs. Reduce blockages by limiting the use of toilet paper and other clog-causing items. If that doesn’t work, consider installing a newer toilet.

Flushing Non-Flushable Items

Toilets are only designed to handle human waste products and toilet paper. When occupants try to flush other items, such as paper towels and facial tissues, problems may arise. All family members should know what to flush and what to avoid. By keeping a trash can in the bathroom, families make it easier to dispose of non-flushables.

A Blocked Toilet Trap

The trap is a curved part that’s built into the toilet’s lower bowl. It holds standing water and keeps noxious sewer gases from getting into the home. Paper towels, toilet paper, and non-flushable items may block the trap, causing a clog. Again, reducing toilet paper usage and not flushing certain items will keep the trap clear.

A Blocked Vent

Modern toilets and other fixtures use roof-mounted vents to bring fresh air into the home’s plumbing and prevent vacuums that hinder drainage. With time, these roof vents may become filled with debris. A blocked vent will certainly cause problems that lead to the need for toilet unclogging in Baltimore MD. Hire an expert to clear the vents, as these blockages are tough to spot.

Call Today

A clogged toilet isn’t just a hassle, it can be unsanitary and dangerous. Though some tips in this guide will help homeowners to minimize the chances of a clog, problems may still occur. Find out here about the products and services the professionals offer or call a plumber today to schedule toilet unclogging services.

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