Drain Cleaning in Bellingham WA Is A Good Preventative Action To Take Because It Can Save You Trouble and Money

You may not appreciate the importance of drain cleaning until your drain backs up into the bathroom and the sewage runs down the hallway or the basement floor is covered. Many homeowners will say they are not concerned because they do not have any trees in the yard for the roots to clog the sewer line. These homeowners are overlooking the fact that roots will travel 100 feet or more seeking water. If the roots find a way to get into the pipe, then a clog will form that completely blocks the sewer line.

Older homes that have clay pipe or cast iron sewer lines have a big risk that these lines will break up, and when this happens a couple of problems will develop.

  • The roots can enter more easily and form a large clog.

  • The pieces of the sewer line can form a blockage.

  • The worse situation is the leakage of sewage into the ground. This sewer water can rise to the top of the yard creating a real mess. The sewage can also get into the water table contaminating the ground water for a long distance.

There is a preventative action for all of these problems. The sewer line can be inspected by a drain cleaning expert using a mini-cam which sends clear pictures back to a monitor for the technician to analyze. He can spot any problem in or with the sewer line. With the benefit of these pictures, he can tell you what needs to be done to repair your line, or, he can tell you if your line is in good condition.

If the mini-cam finds a clog, then the Drain Cleaning in Bellingham WA technician will choose the best method for clearing it out of the line. A high pressure water jetting system can cut the clog up and wash it down the drian. A rotating set of sharp blades operating under high rpms can cut the clog up and clean the walls of the sewer line at the same time.

The trenchless sewer line repair method can be used if the line is broken. This method causes minimal disruption to the yard. Don’t take a chance on your sewer line being in good shape. Visit Legend Plumbing for more information. Visit the website. Like us at Facebook.

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