Keep Your Business’s Drain Cleaning Machine Up to Date with Duracable Drain Cleaning Accessories

A drain cleaning machine is an essential piece of equipment for any plumbing company. Whether your company is unclogging a small sink line or a big main line, a Duracable drain machine is the best way to get the job done. With our large supply of drain cleaning accessories, you can be sure that your drain cleaner will always be running smoothly whenever your company needs it.

The Importance of a Reliable Drain Cleaning Machine

At Duracable Manufacturing, we hold our drain cleaning machines to specific standards. Not only do we have the best design available, we ensure its reliability and quality with the best materials available. Our supply of machines include larger upright and sled drain cleaning machines intended for main lines to sink machines for smaller applications. All of our sewer machines are built to last and are easy to operate and transport to and from the jobsite.

The Necessity of Drain Cleaning Accessories

One of the most important accessories for a drain cleaning machine is the cable. At Duracable, we have an extensive supply of DuraFlex drain cables in a variety of diameters and flexibilities to fit every type of job application. With our cables, you can be sure of the highest quality; every coil that we use for our products is thoroughly tested in our warehouse before manufacturing the cable. If it fails any test, the coil is immediately discarded.

Are you in need of a new blade for your drain cleaning machine? At Duracable, we can provide you with a variety of blades from 1” to 16” to tackle any job. Our blades are made from high-carbon spring steel and are ready to use as soon as you get them – they are heat-treated, rustproofed, and pre-sharpened at our facility so you can put them to work upon arrival.

We also carry a large stock of reels for any of our Duracable drain cleaning machines. Whether you are looking for an additional reel as a back up or you need to replace a cable drum, we can supply you with the accessory you require. When you purchase an additional reel for your drain machine, it comes with both the inner reel and the revolving arm to provide you with the correct equipment to replace the old one. Our reels are also incredibly easy to change out on the machine, which will save you time and money by getting you back to the job faster than ever.

For jobs that don’t require an industrial level sewer machine, Duracable Manufacturing can provide plumbing crews with its powerful ProClean drain care products. Intended for commercial plumbing work, this line of products can add an entirely new dimension to your plumbing services.

At Duracable Manufacturing, we are known for our reliable and hard-working drain cleaning machines, as well for our supply of drain machine accessories. Supply your business with the right equipment that will last with Duracable drain cleaning machines and accessories. Contact us today to find out more about what Duracable Manufacturing can do for your business!

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