Lowry Lancaster Provides Commercial and Residential Electrical, Plumbing and HVAC Services

People in southeast Pennsylvania depend upon Lowry Lancaster for a variety of electrical, plumbing and heating and cooling services. Many of them are tired of worrying about power outages and frozen pipes during the winter. The company carries brand name generators and can install and maintain them for the homeowner. Trained technicians will site them properly and instruct the homeowner what to do if the power goes out. Today’s generators will turn on automatically when there is a power outage and turn off when the power supply returns. This is perfect for homeowners who like to visit warm weather places in the winter.

When a homeowner wakes up and there is no hot water, this is certainly a critical situation. Emergency service is available 24 hours a day. The resident can rest assured that a trained technician will arrive quickly in a company van. Because Lowry Lancaster has been in business for over 34 years, they know what needs to be stocked to provide the most efficient services to people in the region. The often have the parts on hand to quickly fix the problem.

If it’s time to replace the water heater, the technician can help with that as well. He is familiar with all of the major water heater brands. Based on the number of bedrooms and current water usage, he will recommend the appropriate size water heater. Some people think that they should buy a larger water heater than they need. If they are going to sell their large home in the next few years and want to attract families, that might be a good strategy. However, if their kids have just moved out and they intend to stay in the home for another 20 years, then they should install a smaller one. Keeping large amounts of water hot can use a lot of electricity or gas.

People can browse around this site to see the variety of services offered by this full-service firm. Technology is changing the way people use their homes. In addition to providing bedside lighting, bedrooms now have to have sufficient electrical outlets for computers and recharging tablets and cellphones. A staff electrician can make this upgrades quickly and economically.

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