Protect the Pipes Using Expert Plumbers in Lubbock

Whether it is a business or residence, most buildings require some sort of plumbing. With commercial concerns, the plumbing may be just the office and restrooms, but it may also include water and sewage control on the shop floor. However, the most important concern may well be the drainage system since some businesses require a lot of water for various tasks such as cooling or cleaning different components. To keep the water flowing freely and draining properly, experienced Plumbers in Lubbock can inspect the system for clogs or signs of leaks.

Surprisingly, most clogs occur indoors. That is, the clog builds up in the P-traps found right below the drain. A P-trap is used to block the return of sewer gases by holding water in the crook of the pipe. Sadly, this crook can also accumulate dirt and debris that isn’t easily washed down the drain. To remedy this particular problem requires the P-traps to be removed and cleared. The process seems simple, but this part of the plumbing normally uses PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) which can be somewhat fragile. It requires a bit of care when re-installing these fittings to avoid stripping any threads or not properly tightening the trap connections. The latter could result in a serious leak when a sink or tub drains.

Another reason to hire Plumbers in Lubbock is a failing water heater. Consider the case where a home or business uses an electric water heating system. The most common problem these appliances have been a damaged heating element. These coils are inserted into the water which means any mineral deposits are always damaging them. Combine this with the constant temperature changes and it isn’t difficult to see why they fail.

Another problem that occurs with certain electric water heaters is a shorted heating element. This is not exactly the same as the broken element since the short may cause the appliance to heat the water continually under low power. To keep the appliance from reaching scalding temperatures, the water heater has a safety switch which shuts off all electrical current. Another important safety feature is the pressure valve. This device is used to ensure the tank won’t explode from the excess pressure. This can happen when the tank continues to heat water without shutting off.

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