Before Buying the Best Faucets in Hackensack NJ You Need to Know the Source of Your Leak


When it comes to plumbing, one of the more general problems that plumbers have experienced having to repair are leaky faucets. While having the faucet leak seems like such an easy fix, troubleshooting why the faucet was leaking in the first place is the real problem that must be dealt with. Replacing an old faucet with one of superior quality may or may not correct your problem. However, you can’t always depend on that. Extreme weather issues could be a factor. For example, if you live in New Jersey, don’t just assume that you can buy the Best Faucets In Hackensack NJ to correct your problems. That is a start, but it is not the finish. Very cold weather such as you get in New Jersey could lead to cracks due to freezing and that is what will have to be addressed in addition to faucet replacement. Here are some other common issues associated with faucet leaks.

•    Of course, the number one issue with a leaky faucet is the substance that is leaking from it: water! Based on averages given by the U.S. Geological Survey, the typical person with a faucet that leaks 10 drips a minute could easily waste a gallon of water a day. It would not take a nuclear physicist to understand how much money is being dripped down the sink drain.

•   A second tiny but common problem associated with faucet leaks are worn washers. Washers are usually grouped with a metal washer and a rubber washer. Often, the rubber washer will crack or become weak, becoming the source of your leak issue.

•   An issue that may often not be tied to a leaky faucet could actually be the water pressure. Excessive water in the plumbing system will find a way to come out, and that may be causing your faucet to drip. Visit us for more information.

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