Sewer Line Clogging: How it Affects the Family’s Health

In many homes today, sewer line blocking is more than a simple inconvenience. In fact, clogged sewer lines often result in illness as sewer water backs up into the plumbing fixtures. Sewer water is full of bacteria, viruses and toxic chemicals that can cause serious health problems upon exposure. It is important to have the blockage removed from the sewer pipe at the first signs. Companies offering sewer cleaning in St Paul, MN can solve serious plumbing problems, including clogged lines.

Pathogens in Sewer Water
Sewer water has many bacteria because it contains fecal matter from the toilet. Food leftovers drained from the sink also promote the growth of bacteria. The most common health problems associated with sewer water is gastro-intestinal distress and skin rashes. More health risks are added if pests like rats and cockroaches become attracted to the odor of the water. Rat urine, if combined with water, may cause leptospirosis. These dangerous diseases can be avoided with help from a company that offers sewer cleaning in St Paul, MN.

Symptoms of Gastro-intestinal Distress
Bacteria can enter a person’s intestine when he or she forgets to wash her hands after exposure to sewer water. This condition can cause irritation on the stomach lining, which leads to diarrhea and bloating. Nausea, and ultimately vomiting, are also common.

Skin Rashes
Skin that has been exposed to sewer water after a clog will become irritated and covered in rashes. This condition can be contagious. You should not underestimate skin rashes that come from dirty water because they may worsen if the bacteria or fungi are not eliminated.

Diseases caused by Vermin
Clogged sewer pipes may cause some dirty water to seep through the toilet floor, creating a moist environment that attracts rats and cockroaches. Rats are carriers of deadly diseases like leptospirosis and rat-bite fever. Additionally, cockroaches are carriers of 33 types of bacteria that include e-coli and salmonella.

Sewer Water Toxins
Wastewater contains many toxins, but the two that stand out are hydrogen sulfide and ammonia. These chemicals are toxic to anybody with long exposure in a room with poor ventilation. Hydrogen sulfide is also responsible for the nasty smell associated with sewer water.

A clogged sewer line does not only damage a person’s house, it can also damage a family’s health. Homeowners should not ignore this problem. You need to take immediate action to keep clogged sewer lines from becoming a significant health risk. In order to do this, contact a plumbing company that offers sewer cleaning in St Paul, MN. Your family is in capable hands with licensed professionals who handle problems like these every day.

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